Vo­cal shakes and tran­si­tion­ing with de­lay

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59:20Sound­toys Tre­mo­la­tor is a huge pow­er­tool for Van­guard Project, adding am­pli­tude mod­u­la­tion, some­times sub­tly and some­times overtly. Drew straps an in­stance over the vo­cal, pushes the In­put gain for some drive, sets the Depth to Max, and starts au­di­tion­ing dif­fer­ent Rate set­tings to see what works. They quickly de­cide they pre­fer Tre­mo­la­tor run­ning at 1/16, and Drew backs the Depth off to bring the ef­fect back un­der the radar a lit­tle bit.

The boys turn their at­ten­tion to the track’s break­down, which feels like it comes in a bit too abruptly. Waves’ H-De­lay is called up to smooth things out – with a slow De­lay time, Drew au­to­mates the send amount from a break track, cre­at­ing vibey echoes of a high, woody drum hit as the break­down’s chord pro­gres­sion kicks in. “It’s sim­ple, but it re­ally helps the tran­si­tion,” says Drew. “Sounds good mate,” agrees Steve. Drew tweaks the Feed­back on H-De­lay to make the at­mo­spheric echoes last a lit­tle longer.

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