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2. Get­ting started with Aud­i­fied inValve Ef­fects

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1 inValve Ef­fects com­prises three plug­ins: inValve Preamp, inValve Com­pres­sor and inValve Equaliser. Preamp is the most straight­for­ward of the bunch: a tube am­pli­fier em­u­la­tion that sat­u­rates the sig­nal with ana­logue-style dis­tor­tion. To ap­ply it, sim­ply raise the Valve Sat­u­ra­tion knob. It works a treat for warm­ing up in­stru­ments, group busses and even – in small doses – the mix bus. 4 Re­lease sets the amount of time it takes for the sig­nal to re­turn to its un­com­pressed level when­ever it drops back be­low the Thresh­old. Ap­ply­ing com­pres­sion re­duces the over­all level of the sig­nal, but you can bring it back up with Gain Make-up knob. Fi­nally, the Valve Sat­u­ra­tion knob di­als in the dis­tor­tion al­go­rithm from inValve Preamp. 2 inValve Com­pres­sor em­u­lates valve com­pres­sion at Ra­tios of up 50:1, and if you’ve ever used a com­pres­sor be­fore, you’ll feel right at home. With the Ra­tio set any­where above 1:1, re­duc­ing the Thresh­old ap­plies com­pres­sion. The higher the Ra­tio and lower the Thresh­old, the more pro­nounced and ob­vi­ous the com­pres­sion. 5 inValve Equaliser is a four-band para­met­ric EQ with ad­di­tional lowand high-pass fil­ters. The fil­ter cut­off fre­quen­cies range from 1 to 20kHz and 30Hz to 3kHz re­spec­tively, while the Low and Low Mid para­met­ric bands each sweep from 30Hz to 3kHz, and the High Mid and High bands op­er­ate be­tween 1kHz and 20kHz. 3 The At­tack and Re­lease time knobs are used to shape the on­set and off­set of com­pres­sion. Rais­ing the At­tack knob de­lays the gain re­duc­tion when the Thresh­old is ex­ceeded by up to 200ms – with drums, for ex­am­ple, you’ll usu­ally want to set it so that the ini­tial tran­sients are al­lowed through unat­ten­u­ated. 6 Switch the Low and High bands be­tween peak and shelv­ing modes with their Type but­tons. Up to 15dB of cut or boost is avail­able to ev­ery band, with the sharp­ness of the peaks or shelves set by the Q knobs. Once again, inValve Preamp’s Valve Sat­u­ra­tion knob brings the heat, while the Mas­ter Gain con­trol raises or low­ers the fi­nal out­put of the plugin by up to 15dB.

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