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1. Work­ing with mul­ti­ple time sig­na­tures in FL Stu­dio 20

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1 Odd me­tres and chang­ing time sig­na­tures are the hall­mark of cer­tain gen­res, some fash­ion­able, some not. Met­ri­cal ac­ro­bat­ics can add in­ter­est – or, ad­mit­tedly, clear the dance­floor! Ei­ther way, FL Stu­dio now sup­ports mul­ti­ple time sig­na­tures. Here, our playlist con­sists of a sim­ple 4/4 pat­tern.

2 We’ll leave that one as it is for now, and add a new pat­tern to the Playlist. Once we’ve done that, we can right-click it to call up a menu of op­tions. Choose Set Time Sig­na­ture. We’re met with an empty pi­ano roll and a tiny float­ing box into which we can en­ter a nu­mer­a­tor and a de­nom­i­na­tor.

3 Choose 7 for the nu­mer­a­tor, and 8 for the De­nom­i­na­tor. The lat­ter de­ter­mines the beat divi­sion (1/4 notes, 1/8th notes and so on), while the for­mer de­notes the num­ber of beats in a bar. Our se­lec­tions will give us a me­tre of 7/8 – an un­usual time sig­na­ture to say the least!

4 Hav­ing en­tered the time sig­na­ture, click Ac­cept and the step se­quencer grid and pi­ano roll will change to re­flect it. Let’s create an in­ter­est­ing beat in the step se­quencer. Note that there’s a marker in the up­per-left of the pi­ano roll that tells us we’re us­ing a 7/8 time sig­na­ture.

5 Close the pi­ano roll. Next, drag con­sec­u­tive in­stances of our two pat­terns into the ar­range­ment, with the 4/4 pat­tern ap­pear­ing first, fol­lowed by the 7/8. The se­cond doesn’t fill out the grid, as our playlist isn’t fol­low­ing the pat­tern’s me­tre. Open the clip prop­er­ties for Pat­tern 2 and se­lect Use cur­rent time sig­na­ture from » Pat­tern to playlist.

6 As you can see, there is now a marker at bar 2, beat 1 in­di­cat­ing that our me­tre changes at that point. We can also en­ter such mark­ers di­rectly in both the pi­ano roll and the playlist ed­i­tors. Sim­ply right-click where you’d like the new me­tre to be­gin and choose Add time sig­na­ture. Time sig­na­ture mark­ers can be dragged to wher­ever you like.

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