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3. Ex­plor­ing Loop­cloud’s brows­ing fea­tures

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1 Let’s ex­plore Loop­cloud’s DAW in­te­gra­tion in more de­tail. Get­ting started couldn’t be sim­pler: af­ter in­stalling the Loop­cloud soft­ware, open your DAW and the Loop­cloud browser, then add the Loop­cloud VSTi to a MIDI chan­nel. Look at the bot­tom cen­tre of the Loop­cloud browser and you’ll see that it’s con­nected to your DAW for synced play­back.

2 First up, let’s find some per­cus­sion for the intro of a house track. Open the Store tab in Loop­cloud, then go into the In­stru­ments sec­tion. Se­lect Ride, then House in the Gen­res sec­tion; this’ll give us a se­lec­tion of house loops con­tain­ing rides to choose from. Pick a loop and drag it into your DAW – we’ve gone for a wide clap and ride back­beat.

3 Now, we’ll find a melodic loop for the intro. First, clear the search cri­te­ria in Loop­cloud’s browser be­fore set­ting the Auto Key to C - this’ll trans­pose any out-ofkey sam­ples into the key of our track dur­ing pre­view. Now se­lect Synth Lead in the In­stru­ment sec­tion be­fore pre­view­ing some lead loops and choos­ing one you like the sound of.

4 We’ve cho­sen a lead that’s in A, so af­ter drop­ping it onto the ar­range page, we’ll pitch it up 3 semi­tones so it’s in key with our track. Next, we’ll add a snare to our main drum beat. Loop over the drop, then se­lect Snare 1 from the Pat­tern box in Loop­cloud’s browser to play back one-shots on beats 2 and 4 of each bar.

5 As be­fore, we can use Loop­cloud’s search func­tion to find and pre­view a bunch of snares be­fore pick­ing one that suits the track well. When you’ve found your ideal snare, drag it into your DAW and place it on beats 2 and 4 of each bar. To fin­ish, we’ll add a cool off-beat hi-hat to the sec­ond eight bars of our drop.

6 Clear the search op­tions in the Loop­cloud browser, then set the Pat­tern to Off Beat 1. Se­lect Hi Hat from the In­stru­ments sec­tion – this’ll show ev­ery hi-hat loop and one-shot avail­able in Loop­cloud. Now, pick a one-shot of your choice be­fore ar­rang­ing it on the off­beat over the sec­ond eight bars of the ar­range­ment to add in­ter­est.

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