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ACROSS 3. Am­phib­ians split from the groups that would give rise to mam­mals, birds, and rep­tiles dur­ing the end of this ge­o­log­i­cal pe­riod. 5. A neu­tron star with an ex­tremely pow­er­ful mag­netic field, born from a supernova. 6. The am­pul­lae of _ is a shark sen­sory or­gan that de­tects elec­tri­cal cur­rents. 10. The name of the plan­e­toid that col­lided with earth around 4.5 bil­lion years ago which led to the for­ma­tion of the moon, ac­cord­ing the Giant Im­pact hy­poth­e­sis. 12. Along­side hu­mans and short-finned pilot whales, the only other species that un­der­goes menopause. 13. Sin­gle lay­ers of pure car­bon atoms bonded in a hon­ey­comb for­ma­tion. 15. Just enough starlight reaches plan­ets lo­cated in the _ zone to al­low liq­uid wa­ter to form on their sur­face. 16. Words that sound iden­ti­cal but mean dif­fer­ent things. 17. An an­tibi­otic be­long­ing to the beta-lac­tam sub­set of an­tibi­otics, used to treat in­fec­tions caused by mul­tidrug-re­sis­tant bac­te­ria.

DOWN 1. A green­house gas 28 times more pow­er­ful than car­bon diox­ide. 2. The part of the brain re­spon­si­ble for higher cog­ni­tive func­tion, such as lan­guage. 4. Part of the brain as­so­ci­ated with fear and emo­tion. An­swers will be pub­lished in is­sue 74. 5. Im­mune cells in the brain that con­sume waste and de­bris. 7. One of the two pri­mary chem­i­cals used in de­odor­ants that acts to kill bac­te­ria. 8. Fam­i­lies of par­ti­cles iden­ti­cal to those of mat­ter, but with op­po­site charge. 9. Chem­i­cal com­pounds that en­hance the com­plex flavours of aged red wine. 11. A group of over 50 gal­ax­ies in which our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is lo­cated (5, 5) 14. The name given to the ro­bot with the high­est ro­botic ver­ti­cal jump­ing agility ever recorded.

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