Make mega-tooth­paste!

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1 Wear­ing the gog­gles and maybe gloves, put the hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide in the soft drink bot­tle. (Your favourite grown-up might want to help.)

2 Add a few drops of food colour­ing – your choice!

3 Now drop in about 15ml of dish­wash­ing liq­uid (that’s roughly a ta­ble­spoon) and swirl it around.

4 Grab the small cup and tip the yeast sa­chet in it, then pour in 45ml of warm wa­ter (not too hot – you’ll kill the yeast and burn your fin­gers!). Stir it for 30 sec­onds.

5 OK, here goes: pour the con­tents of the cup into the soft drink bot­tle. Stand back and watch foamy gooey mega-tooth­paste shoot out of the top!

This is a re­ally fun ex­per­i­ment guar­an­teed to make a huge mess in the kitchen – so it’s best to do it on a ta­ble out­doors! What you’re go­ing to make isn’t re­ally tooth­paste, but it looks like it, although on a huge scale. Ba­si­cally, what’s go­ing to hap­pen is that you are go­ing to mix a com­mon hair prod­uct with some dish­wash­ing liq­uid, a bit of food colour­ing and some mi­cro­scopic fun­gus and make a gooey geyser whoosh out of a soft drink bot­tle. Fun, right?

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