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This ele­phant was one of many I spent time ob­serv­ing and draw­ing while com­plet­ing my PHD. I be­came fas­ci­nated by the in­ter­ac­tions be­tween ele­phants, their move­ment, man­ner­isms and awe­some pres­ence. I ex­per­i­mented with many me­dia and ma­te­ri­als in de­vel­op­ing a style that would en­able me to cap­ture the true form, sur­face qual­ity and essence of these mag­nif­i­cent crea­tures.

ASIAN ELE­PHANT Ele­phas max­imus Water­colour wash and graphite pen­cil 42 � 29.7 cm (A3)

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