Make a… needle­case

De­signed by: Su­san Penny Stitch count: 47 high x 49 wide De­sign size: 9x9cm (3½x3½in) Stitch time: 6 hours

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the cot­tage front in the cen­tre of 13x13cm (5x5in) of white aida, us­ing two strands of stranded cot­ton for the cross stitch and one for the back­stitch and long stitch. Fold the aida on the outer edge of the stitch­ing, so that the un­stitched aida is on the re­verse side. Trim away some of the seam al­lowance, leav­ing about five squares of un­stitched aida on the back.

Step 2 CUT

a 15x9cm (6x3½in) piece of blue felt, and a 16.5x9cm (6½x3½in) piece of red felt, to make the case and needle­case leaves, and then cut a 10x2cm (4x¾in) piece from red felt for the chim­ney.

Step 3 PIN

the aida, with the seam al­lowance folded to the back, on one end of the red felt, with the re­main­ing red felt be­low the cot­tage. Pin the blue felt over the flap of red felt at the bot­tom, tuck­ing one of the short edges of the blue felt be­tween the red felt and the stitch­ing. Sew the lay­ers to­gether by over­sewing around the edges. The cot­tage will be backed with red felt and you will have a blue felt flap be­low the cot­tage with a shorter red felt flap be­hind it.

Step 4 FOLD

up the needle­case so that the blue felt flaps forms the front of the cot­tage roof. Us­ing small, sharp scis­sors, cut away some of the roof so that it scoops up in the mid­dle. Us­ing one strand of red stranded cot­ton, stitch a row of run­ning stitches around the edge of the roof, and us­ing two strands make a heart shape, us­ing roughly placed cross stitches – re­fer to the pho­to­graph for place­ment.

Step 5

FOLD the felt cut for the chim­ney in half width­ways, and us­ing blue stranded cot­ton, make a row of run­ning stitches down both sides. Catch stitch the chim­ney to the back of the needle­case. Make two plaited lengths of stranded cot­ton, adding a knot to both ends. Sew one onto the cot­tage front be­low the scoop in the roof, and one to the blue felt roof above. Tie in a bow to keep the needle­case closed.

This de­sign was stitched on 14 count aida fabric.

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