Make a… mug dec­o­ra­tion

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Step 1

CUT out from felt for each mug – two 5.5cm (2¼in) cir­cles for the base, a strip 18x15cm (7x6in) folded in half length­ways for the mug side, a strip 16x1cm (6¼x⅜in) to re­in­force the back, and a 10x10cm (4x4in) piece for the han­dle.

Step 2

TAKE the folded felt, with the fold at the top, and stitch the de­sign cen­trally on one side of the fab­ric. Once stitched, re­fold and glue the lay­ers to­gether us­ing fab­ric glue.

Step 3

GLUE the felt cir­cles to­gether with the card be­tween. Wrap and then glue the side of the mug around the cir­cu­lar base, over­lap­ping at the back. You may need to hold the felt un­til the glue dries. Use the felt strip to re­in­force the back seam.

Step 4

AP­PLY glue to one side of the felt han­dle, and then roll up tightly. Po­si­tion the han­dle on the side of the mug, you may need to trim some of the length to make it fit. Glue the ends to the mug.

Step 5

CUT strips from the white felt to make the marsh­mal­lows – 1.5cm (¾in) wide. Ap­ply glue to one side, and then roll up tightly, hold­ing un­til dry. Place in the mug. To hang, use a length of baker’s twine threaded through a hole punched in the side of the mug.

You could fill these with ac­tual mini marsh­mal­lows in­stead to turn them into a cute gift idea!

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