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Step 1

WRAP your aida fab­ric around the note­book to check the po­si­tion of the front cover and then mark the de­sign area given op­po­site onto the fab­ric us­ing pins. Make sure you have left 1.25cm(½in) at the top and bot­tom of the fab­ric for turn­ings, and 6cm (2½in) on the left and right-hand side for the flaps, cen­tring the de­sign be­tween the flaps and the turn­ings on the book front. If you work on a slightly larger piece of fab­ric you can cut this to size once the stitch­ing is com­plete.

Step 2

CUT your lin­ing fab­ric to the size given above, and then re­peat with the stitched fab­ric, check­ing that when you cut the aida, the de­sign is in the cen­tre of the front cover, and that you still have the turn­ings and flaps for mak­ing up.

Step 3

PLACE the stitched fab­ric and the lin­ing right-sides to­gether, and stitch around the outer edge with a 1.25cm (½in) seam al­lowance, leav­ing a gap on one short edge for turn­ing.

Step 4

TURN to the right side. Press flat and then sew up the gap with small, neat stitches. Wrap the cover around your note­book, fold­ing the side flaps over the cover edge and onto the in­side of the note­book. Catch stitch the flaps in place on the top and bot­tom edges, us­ing small, neat stitches. Push the book cov­ers into flaps and wrap around the note­book.

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