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YOU MAY JUST RE­MEM­BER THE Scot­toiler, a gizmo in­her­ited from the mo­tor­bike world that au­to­mat­i­cally oiled your bike chain. Well, this is a new de­vel­op­ment of that de­vice, and as we all love quirky niche cycling prod­ucts we thought we’d give it a go.

As with the Scot­toiler, Flaer’s Revo Via is de­signed to reg­u­larly de­liver drops of lu­bri­cant, pumped from a bike-mounted reser­voir, di­rectly onto your bike’s chain via a hose and rear de­railleur-mounted drop­per. It has been used by the Ori­caS­cott pro team but we’re not con­vinced that there re­ally is a need for such a prod­uct, es­pe­cially con­sid­er­ing its price. If it does have an ap­peal, it is likely to be for a very small num­ber of se­ri­ous, com­pet­i­tive rid­ers dur­ing day-long events in poor cycling con­di­tions, where a reg­u­larly lu­bri­cated chain may just pay ef­fi­ciency div­i­dends.

It takes an hour or so to set up the de­vice. You can use rub­ber straps to mount the lube reser­voir/pump on the down-tube, seat-tube, seat­post or you can clip it onto bot­tle cage bosses. You zip-tie the hose to the drive­side chain­stay, avoid­ing any sharp kinks

WE SAY It works, but has the im­pres­sion of be­ing an an­swer to a nonex­is­tent prob­lem HIGHS Neat, well de­signed and does what it sets out to do LOWS It’s very niche, very ex­pen­sive and we’re not sure that it’s some­thing most road bikes or road cy­clists need

and then clip it to the rear de­railleur ca­ble. Then you re­move the lower jockey wheel axle bolt (keep an eye out for fly­ing wash­ers), us­ing a longer sup­plied bolt to at­tach the dis­penser. Then you cut the hose – mea­sure twice, cut once. The il­lus­trated in­struc­tions are rea­son­ably clear and there are some very good videos on Flaer’s web­site. Flaer claims that the Revo Via can gain you up to 12 watts. The non-stick fluid does seem to lu­bri­cate ef­fec­tively, it’s wash­able and biodegrad­able. But, and it’s a very big but, while we don’t doubt that this does what it sets out to do, those power gains would be the very max­i­mum pos­si­ble and we reckon the im­prove­ment over a well-de­greased and reg­u­larly looked af­ter chain would be much less. Wipe your chain af­ter ev­ery mucky ride, re-lu­bri­cate with a wet or dry lube de­pend­ing on con­di­tions, and this will save se­ri­ous dosh, and is a good habit to get into. We don’t like to crit­i­cise what is a neat piece of kit, but we can’t help but feel it is both ex­pen­sive - £250 will buy a you an aw­ful lot – and a solution to a prob­lem that doesn’t re­ally ex­ist.

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