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There are loads of dif­fer­ent sealants avail­able from thin la­tex (best for min­i­mum ef­fect on ride feel of light­weight road tyres) to ‘heavy duty/ en­duro’ sealants, which in­clude ex­tra clog­ging agents.


This new valve and sealant sy­ringe kit from Swiss com­pany Milkit can po­ten­tially take a ton of pain out of in­stal­la­tion. The valves have cun­ning pres­sure seal­ing bases so the tyre stays up even with the valve core re­moved for faster air in­put. You can also in­ject/re­move sealant cleanly through the valve to avoid mess and waste. Just make sure you drop tyre pres­sure be­low 20psi and lock the feed pipe as you stick the sealant sy­ringe in or you’ll get a face full.


Dif­fer­ent rims of­ten come with dif­fer­ent valve shapes, but valves with rounded/cone ends (Milkit, Sch­walbe, WTB, Stan’s and oth­ers) tend to work best with most wheels.

(4) LUBE

Helps the tyre slip evenly into place. Wash­ing up liq­uid works too.


If fran­tic pumping isn’t your thing, or you end up with an awk­ward rim/tyre com­bi­na­tion you’re strug­gling to pop into place, a com­pres­sor is the an­swer, such as an Air­shot (£49.99) or sim­i­lar will be a lot neater. Al­ter­na­tively, just get a mo­torised com­pres­sor (£70-plus). Be­ware of garage fore­court air­lines though as they of­ten use much higher pres­sures/dump vol­umes than are safe for your rims and tyres.

(6) TAPE

Spoke or con­struc­tion holes in rim beds need to be sealed with tape to make them tubeless. Make sure the tape is wide enough to cover the whole bed.


Take the guess work out of set­ting up your tyres with an ac­cu­rate pres­sure gauge. The Sch­walbe Air­max Pro dig­i­tal ver­sion here costs £11.99.

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