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BUY­ING Choose whole fish if pos­si­ble and have your fish­mon­ger gill, gut and scale them for you. If you pre­fer, also ask them to dry fil­let the fish (mean­ing the flesh does not come into con­tact with wa­ter), as flat­head’s quite com­plex bone struc­ture makes them one of the trick­ier fish to fil­let at home. STOR­ING Wrap your fish in muslin or freezer film and place in a plas­tic con­tainer with a layer of ice on the bottom and the fish rest­ing on a drip tray. Cover with a tight-fit­ting lid and place at the bottom of the fridge. COOK­ING Grill, bat­ter, crumb or bake whole.


mir­ror dory.

AC­COM­PA­NI­MENTS Green peas, pars­ley, rose­mary, oregano, thyme, sauce gribiche.

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