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Feath­ers fly over duck pot roast.

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A I don’t get this one. C As usual, I will at­tempt to make it easy for you. So, you slice the pota­toes. A Of course. Pota­toes, again. C Stop talk­ing. Ba­si­cally, we’re go­ing to use the veg­eta­bles as a trivet. That will stop the duck stick­ing to the pot, and the duck will add loads of flavour to the veg. We’ll use fen­nel, star anise, gar­lic, some bay. Then we’ll serve it with pota­toes. Do you want to know the smartest bit? A Smart? You? Go on then. C Yes, ac­tu­ally. When we seal the duck first, we’ll drain the fat and use that to cook the veg­eta­bles, and also toss some with the pota­toes be­fore we roast them.

A I’m go­ing to give you that. That is pretty good. I love the pot roast. But I’m not sure about the duck pot roast.

C I like pot roast be­cause you put it in the mid­dle of the ta­ble and you just go for it. It’s like a shar­ing feast. One-pot won­der. And duck is per­fect for a pot roast!

A I just don’t think it’s been done for ages. But maybe it should come back.

C So, like I just said, my recipe works. We even have plums in there!

A My mum used to do pot roast all the time. Isn’t it just a stew? C Yeah, but pot roast sounds bet­ter. A Isn’t duck with plums a bit daggy? C It’s duck and plums; it’s peas in a pod, like salt and pep­per!

A Have you even checked that plums are in sea­son?

C Of course they are. But if you don’t have plums you can do peaches. If you haven’t got peaches you can do nec­tarines. Ap­ples. Any­thing with a bit of sweet­ness.

A That makes this a real win­ner. Peo­ple of Aus­tralia are go­ing to thank us. Ver­sa­til­ity and some­thing dif­fer­ent.

C It’s a great Easter dish. Great for a spe­cial oc­ca­sion.

A We shouldn’t just make it for a spe­cial oc­ca­sion, though. This is very dif­fer­ent to peo­ple’s Chi­nese-style duck or tra­di­tional French-style duck. Peo­ple usu­ally buy duck in pieces, but it’s Easter – it’s a great time to buy a whole duck. I think peo­ple have been ner­vous about buy­ing whole ducks. We think, ‘How am I go­ing to cook it? How do I make this work?’ This is a good recipe be­cause, to be hon­est with you, by de­fault of the pot roast you are go­ing to cook the duck through. Just be­cause of the way you cook it. C It’s trailer park duck! A Well, it’s just cook­ing it through, I mean. This is a great recipe for ev­ery­one to try. It’s in­tro­duc­tory duck. C In­tro-duck-tory duck! A You can’t duck it up!

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