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Meet our ex­perts – they’ll ad­vise you on all as­pects of your di­a­betes man­age­ment

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Dr Kate Marsh, cre­den­tialled di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor and ac­cred­ited prac­tis­ing di­eti­tian

What does a di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor do?

A cre­den­tialled di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor (CDE) will teach you about in­sulin and med­i­ca­tions, how to mon­i­tor blood glu­cose lev­els (BGLs), healthy life­style habits and prevent­ing com­pli­ca­tions. They’ll work with you on your main goals and con­cerns and some strate­gies to help ad­dress th­ese. They’ll be in­di­vid­u­alised de­pend­ing on your needs and the changes you’re able to make.

Will a di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor ask me to make big changes?

A CDE will present dif­fer­ent op­tions and per­son­alise it to you and what you’re able to do. It’s not about chang­ing ev­ery­thing overnight, but pick­ing the big­gest pri­or­i­ties for your sit­u­a­tion.

How would I be eased into a big life­style change?

If you need to in­crease ex­er­cise a CDE will ask you what you like do­ing, what you have ac­cess to and when you can fit in ex­er­cise. Food-wise, it de­pends on your sit­u­a­tion at home, bud­get and who you’re cook­ing for. We work with you to de­ter­mine what is re­al­is­tic and, im­por­tantly, what you can sus­tain in the long term, and will usu­ally re­fer you to other di­a­betes health pro­fes­sion­als in­clud­ing a di­eti­tian and ex­er­cise phys­i­ol­o­gist, who can teach you more about the role of food and ex­er­cise in your di­a­betes man­age­ment plan.

What ad­vice do you give?

Hav­ing di­a­betes isn’t nec­es­sar­ily easy but it is man­age­able. It’s about learn­ing how dif­fer­ent fac­tors such as food, ex­er­cise and stress af­fect BGLs.

I was 10 when I saw my first CDE in hos­pi­tal af­ter I was di­ag­nosed with type 1. I was in­spired to study di­etet­ics then di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tion. I love help­ing oth­ers with di­a­betes, and hav­ing a real un­der­stand­ing of what they are go­ing through is a huge ben­e­fit.

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