Here’s how you can give it a go:

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Start by adding in­ter­vals of power walk­ing – as fast as you can walk – or jog­ging for up to 30 sec­onds. Do this at least six times dur­ing a 30-minute walk. Then, when you get com­fort­able with in­ter­val train­ing, in­ten­sify your work­out so you’re do­ing 10-12 speedy in­ter­vals over 30 min­utes, about one in­ter­val ev­ery 2.5-3 min­utes. You can time these fast in­ter­vals us­ing the stop­watch on your mo­bile phone, or the sec­ond hand on your watch.



Com­bine 10-20 laps of swim­ming with other wa­ter ex­er­cises:

Kicking only Us­ing a kick­board for bal­ance, add a lap of fast kicking then swim 3-5 laps of reg­u­lar swim­ming.

Arms only For 3-5 laps of ev­ery 10-20 laps, use your arms to pro­pel you down the pool, while hold­ing a buoy be­tween your legs to keep you afloat.

Sprints Add a half- or a full-lap sprint of a stroke, for 3-5 laps of ev­ery 10-20 laps that you swim.

Al­ter­nate strokes Add a sprint lap of one stroke, and then per­form 3-5 laps of an­other stroke.




Flat road Add in 6-8 of your fastest sprints for 30-60 sec­onds in a 30-minute work­out.

Gen­tle hills In­clude 3-6 gen­tle hills that al­low for a seated climb dur­ing the course of a 30-minute work­out.

Big hills Add in 2-4 big hills for a stand­ing climb in your 30-minute work­out. When do­ing a com­bi­na­tion of hills and flat roads, use dis­tant land­marks, like houses, to give you some­thing to aim to­wards dur­ing in­ter­vals of speed.



Cir­cuit train­ing is ba­si­cally in­ter­val train­ing, but with re­sis­tance ex­er­cises and car­dio in the same ses­sion. This means you can com­plete a set of weights in a chair, then do 1-2 min­utes of cy­cling, jog­ging or marching on the spot. For added in­ten­sity, do a dif­fer­ent car­dio and re­sis­tance ex­er­cise at each sta­tion. Or you can add in in­ter­vals of car­dio in be­tween do­ing sets of re­sis­tance – such as pe­ri­ods of marching on the spot in be­tween do­ing sets of hand weights.

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