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It can be easy to overindulge lead­ing up to the fes­tive time of year, so to help stay on track, try re­plac­ing a glass of wine with a wine glass filled with soda wa­ter, a few slices of lime, sliced straw­ber­ries, a few frozen rasp­ber­ries and a few torn mint leaves. You can even throw in a dash of diet lime or diet le­mon, lime and bit­ters cor­dial. An­other idea is to re­place the straw­ber­ries with thin slices of peach and the lime with le­mon or or­ange slices. This way you will feel like you are still in­volved in the fes­tiv­i­ties and can in­dulge in a few glasses with­out the guilt!

I grow my own vegeta­bles and herbs. I like be­ing able to tell peo­ple that the lunch I’m serv­ing started out as a seed in

my yard.

- Cur­tis Stone, chef

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