How do I deal with the ‘di­a­betes po­lice’?

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Ja­nine says: As frus­trat­ing as it is, it’s im­por­tant you find a con­struc­tive way to work with peo­ple who can’t help but pro­vide con­stant ad­vice, prompts and com­men­tary on how you are man­ag­ing your di­a­betes. Why? Be­cause very of­ten they are part­ners, par­ents, friends and co-work­ers who care a lot about you, and who you care about, too.

Start by let­ting them know how their on­go­ing ad­vice makes you feel. Per­haps it makes you feel that you can’t be trusted, or are not ca­pa­ble. Maybe it makes it harder for you to do what’s needed. Try not to crit­i­cise or blame, and recog­nise that most ad­vice is mo­ti­vated by good in­ten­tions. State what would be help­ful and be clear about the sup­port you would like.

Lastly, self-pro­mote! Let your loved ones see how much you are ca­pa­ble of. Whether it’s get­ting some ex­er­cise, cook­ing a health­ful meal or test­ing blood glu­cose, let them know how much you know and are ca­pa­ble of do­ing.

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