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When it comes to ta­per­ing your calo­rie count, the first place to look is the size of your food por­tions. To change long-term eat­ing habits, it’s best to make small changes rather than try­ing to adopt a rigid eat­ing plan that will be dif­fi­cult to main­tain. If you’re like most Aussies, you likely eat too much meat, starchy foods, breads and sweets, and on top of that you may sip too many high-calo­rie, low-nu­tri­tion sug­ary drinks. Be aware of how much you eat and try to cut down your por­tions. Thirty grams less of meat per serv­ing, a quar­ter cup less pota­toes per serv­ing, a smaller sand­wich – it adds up. And if you drink sug­ary bev­er­ages, swap them for zero-calo­rie bev­er­ages, such as wa­ter, sparkling wa­ter, tea, cof­fee and diet drinks.

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