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As the tem­per­a­ture drops dur­ing the night, you’ll of­ten find that any mois­ture in the air will con­dense on any gear you have out in the open. On your tri­pod, bag or even the out­side of the cam­era this can be un­pleas­ant, but not dis­as­trous. It’s when it forms on the lens, viewfinder and rear screen that it be­comes a real prob­lem.

You can min­imise the prob­a­bil­ity of con­den­sa­tion by giv­ing your gear some time to grad­u­ally ac­cli­ma­tise, rather than tak­ing it straight out of a warm car or house into the cold air. But on many evenings you’ll still find con­den­sa­tion will form, so take along plenty of cloths and clean­ing kit.

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