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Use the ex­po­sure scale in the viewfinder as a vis­ual guide

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al though the cam­era doesn’t make any ex­po­sure ad­just­ments when you’re work­ing man­u­ally, it

doesn’t leave you all on your own. Its ex­po­sure me­ter con­tin­ues to be ac­tive, and you’ll see the indicator in the viewfinder flit up and down the scale as you point the cam­era at dif­fer­ent parts of a scene. If the indicator is in the mid­dle of the scale, then the sub­ject cov­ered by the me­ter will be ren­dered as a mid­tone in the im­age. To make this area brighter than mid­tone, and shift the indicator to the right (bright) side of the scale, use a larger aper­ture, longer shut­ter speed or higher ISO. To make this area darker, use a smaller aper­ture, shorter shut­ter speed or lower ISO. Use spot-me­ter­ing to take pin-point ex­po­sure read­ings from spe­cific ar­eas.

keep an eye on the light. If con­di­tions get brighter or darker, then you’ll need to change the aper­ture, shut­ter speed or ISO in or­der to avoid the pic­ture be­ing in­cor­rectly ex­posed.

So where do you start with set­ting an ex­po­sure man­u­ally? The first thing to con­sider is what the most im­por­tant as­pect of your pic­ture is. If you’re shoot­ing a por­trait or a land­scape, depth of field is likely to be the pri­or­ity. This is con­trolled by the aper­ture, so set this first. If you’re

The draw­back is that it’s down to you to keep an eye on the light in or­der to avoid the pic­ture be­ing in­cor­rectly ex­posed

shoot­ing sports and ac­tion, choos­ing the right shut­ter speed is key, so ad­just this set­ting first. You can then set the two other ex­po­sure con­trols – shut­ter speed or aper­ture and ISO – to get the right level of ex­po­sure for the con­di­tions. ISO is of­ten the key to suc­cess, as it can en­able you use a spe­cific com­bi­na­tion of aper­ture and shut­ter speed that would other­wise be im­pos­si­ble for the given light­ing con­di­tions. See our in­fo­graphic sum­mary on the op­po­site page for more de­tails.

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