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A po­lar­is­ing fil­ter is not just for wa­ter and win­dows: it’s the per­fect way to boost colours If there is one ac­ces­sory you should take out with you in the sum­mer, it has be a po­lar­is­ing fil­ter. It might not be the most ob­vi­ous choice, but it’s the se­cret weapon that can re­ally give your shots the real edge at this time of year. Un­like a tri­pod, a po­lariser is easy to pack, so you can find room for it in any cam­era bag.

It is best-known for help­ing you re­move re­flec­tions from win­dows or stretches of wa­ter – a par­tic­u­larly use­ful trick in the town or coun­try in bright con­di­tions. But it’s the abil­ity of a po­lar­is­ing fil­ter to sat­u­rate colour that makes it par­tic­u­larly use­ful when you are out and about dur­ing the sum­mer. Paint­work, stone walls and fo­liage all re­flect clouds and neigh­bour­ing struc­tures – but with a po­lariser you can elim­i­nate this un­seen haze, cre­at­ing images with greater saturation.

There is also the po­lariser’s abil­ity to strengthen the blue of a sum­mer sky, and ac­cen­tu­ate the shape of clouds. Just re­mem­ber that the fil­ter works bet­ter in some direc­tions than oth­ers (any­where along an arc 90 de­grees from the sun), and that the ef­fect is vari­able, from sub­tle to strong. Sim­ply turn the front el­e­ment of the fil­ter un­til you get the de­gree of saturation you want.

Wait un­til the sun is as near the hori­zon as pos­si­ble, where its light trav­els through more of the earth’s at­mos­phere

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