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DNA: What was your in­ten­tion when you started writ­ing? Kaleb Cove: One of the things that struck me from the be­gin­ning was how cheeky sports are. I mean, goal­mouth, spreader bar and go­ing for it were just ask­ing to be played with. Com­pil­ing a sex man­ual that was in­for­ma­tive, play­ful and sex­u­ally loaded seemed like the best way to go about achiev­ing that. Have you tried all the po­si­tions yourself ? Of course, I love to do all my own stunts! Ev­ery one of the draw­ings was il­lus­trated from pho­tos taken dur­ing the course of re­search­ing the po­si­tions. I’ve since gone on to ex­per­i­ment with not just these po­si­tions but a lot more that have come about in the heat of the mo­ment thing sex seems to be all about. Are you a sports fan or sports fetishist? I love sports, but per­haps not in a typ­i­cal way. As for the fetishism – I think there’s a bit of that in all of us. The con­cept is highly erotic in what it says about what gets each of us off. My take is that any of us would be hard-pressed not to look twice at a hot young thing wear­ing noth­ing but knee-high socks, just ly­ing there and star­ing up at you while play­ing with his long, hard base­ball bat. Which are the sex­i­est sports for you? A great round of any sport, like any great round of sex, is time­less. Per­son­ally, sun, sand and sex are on par with ev­ery­thing that be­ing Down Un­der has al­ways been about. Any sport that in­volves get­ting wet in the process will do it for me. And who doesn’t like to peel off a drip­ping wet­suit? Isn’t that what wet­suits were made for? When was the first time you clocked sport as be­ing some­thing that turned you on sex­u­ally? High school was where the sex­ual in­trigue went off on a sport-fu­elled tan­gent of its own. It was the teenage bas­ket­ball cap­tain who made my hor­mones race. He pushed my mind straight into the sports-driven sex gut­ter. Read the bas­ket­ball chap­ter to get a bit more per­sonal with what ac­tu­ally went on. Have you ful­filled any of your sports sex fan­tasies? High school wa­ter polo, speedos and hit­ting the show­ers af­ter­ward. Also the twins on the bas­ket­ball team with their iden­ti­cal asses. And of course that day a footy player’s long, hard ego found its way wrapped around ev­ery one of my dirty thoughts. These days, I won’t say there aren’t a few pairs of knee-high socks that some­times find them­selves wrapped around a cer­tain ath­letic team­mate or two… Did you ap­proach pub­lish­ers with the book idea? How did they re­act? Is that why you’re in­de­pen­dently pub­lish­ing? Pub­lish­ing has changed a lot and these days ev­ery­one is self-pub­lish­ing, record­ing artists and au­thors alike. At the mo­ment, the books

are be­ing adapted into sev­eral lan­guages in­clud­ing Ger­man, Ja­panese, Pol­ish, Span­ish and Por­tuguese. And ev­ery­thing I’d like to do with the Kaleb Su­tra is go­ing to be best achieved by man­ag­ing my own brand and evolv­ing set of ideas. Most young gay people don’t get sex ed­u­ca­tion at school like straight kids do. Was that your ex­pe­ri­ence? All self-dis­cov­ery was done late at night on the in­ter­net when the parental unit wasn’t around. So yeah, that’s the ex­tent of my sex ed­u­ca­tion; it’s pretty lame when you think about it. Times have changed and the re­al­ity is that all teenagers de­serve greater aware­ness. That shouldn’t be de­ter­mined by sex­u­al­ity. Does porn have a role in sex ed­u­ca­tion? Porn has a large role in ev­ery teenager’s life and should play a big­ger role in a healthy sex­ual ed­u­ca­tion. It should pro­vide some clar­ity to the po­ten­tial of what sex in­volves and the good, clean fun it can of­fer. In­creas­ingly, we’re told gay men are choos­ing not to use con­doms. What’s your take on this? There’s no soap­box that’s go­ing to sug­gest not us­ing a con­dom is the right thing to do, but what no one is talk­ing about is the reg­u­lar test­ing that’s needed, the oral sex that con­doms don’t re­ally ad­dress and the quick re­sponse so­lu­tions that should be present in the world to­day.

Be­ing re­spon­si­ble is more than just be­ing safe, and it’s high time we all stepped up to the plate. All good sports­men knows their stats. Do you know yours?

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