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DNA: You’ve come a long way since our last in­ter­view! What’s the se­cret to your suc­cess? Stu­art Rear­don: Modelling and be­ing an all-round good bloke [laughs]. I’ve had some de­ter­mi­na­tion, too, and worked hard. Gen­er­ally I’m a pos­i­tive per­son, even when things have gone wrong, so I just fol­low my feet and hope for the best. Does train­ing help to deal with things in your per­sonal life? It does. Sport keeps you in­spired and in rugby it gives you drive, com­pet­i­tive­ness, com­pas­sion, ca­ma­raderie and pride. You get a real sense of be­ing a part of some­thing spe­cial. I’ve had highs and lows through­out my life and I’m thank­ful for it all, es­pe­cially the lows be­cause they have made me such an in­spired and de­ter­mined per­son both on and off the field. I have a ‘never give up’ ap­proach. It seems ev­ery­one loves to look at you: women, gay men, even straight men. Do you no­tice the ex­tra at­ten­tion when you’re out in pub­lic? Not re­ally. I don’t think I’m fa­mous enough. I haven’t re­ally no­ticed any­one look­ing at me when I’m out. Maybe a bit when I’m on hol­i­day, like at the beach. But ev­ery­one gets in good shape to go on hol­i­day and ev­ery­one checks ev­ery­one else out! Are there any Aussies play­ing for the North Wales Cru­saders? Yeah, Mark Of­fer­dahl. He lives with me and my girl­friend. He played for the Manly Sea Ea­gles and also in the USA. He played re­ally well in the World Cup, so ev­ery­one in the club is ex­cited to have him. Are you still good mates with fel­low rugby player Leon Pryce? Yes, we’ve been friends since we were ten years old. He’s now play­ing for the Cata­lan Drag­ons in France, so I only see him when he comes back to Eng­land but we speak reg­u­larly. This is our Sports is­sue. What Aus­tralian sport would you love to watch or even pos­si­bly play the next time you visit? Aus­tralian Rules. I don’t think I’m tall enough to play, but I like to watch it when it’s on over here. I know it’s a mas­sive sport in Aus­tralia. You’ve been to Aus­tralia a cou­ple of times now? Yeah I went twice. In 2001 with Eng­land and we spent six weeks train­ing in Syd­ney and in the coun­try­side and then went to Fiji and Tonga. We came back in 2006 and stayed in Manly. I re­ally en­joyed stay­ing on the beach. I loved the out­door life­style. There

I’ve had highs and lows and I’m thank­ful for it all, es­pe­cially the lows be­cause they have made me a de­ter­mined per­son both on and off the field.

were ev­ery­day people, mums, kids, ath­letes all over the beach tak­ing part in leisure ac­tiv­i­ties. My girl­friend and I would love to em­i­grate there some day. I didn’t see any kan­ga­roos, but I did see the Har­bour Bridge and Opera House. You are now the face of [skin­care line] Ax­iom For Men, how did that come about? That hap­pened when I went to Amer­ica to do some modelling. Mike Wax­man, who is the CEO of Ax­iom, liked my pho­tos and bought the collection. We had an in­ter­view and he sold me on the prod­uct. Ax­iom is a great prod­uct and pro-equal­ity with a base in the gay com­mu­nity. Their logo is the AFM shield and it rep­re­sents people’s rights and lib­er­ties. I’m re­ally proud to be in­volved with it. You have quite a few gay friends now. Do you have a good un­der­stand­ing of the is­sues that af­fect the gay com­mu­nity? It’s opened my eyes a bit, yeah. Gay people should be ac­cepted the same as ev­ery­one else. We have to get to a stage were things like same-sex mar­riage just aren’t an is­sue any­more. In an­other in­ter­view when asked about the Sochi Olympics, your feel­ing was that gay people shouldn’t boy­cott the games but to go and stand proud. I saw on the news that it was too late to move the games. I thought boy­cotting would only work if ev­ery­body boy­cotted and the games were can­celled. But the ath­letes spend four years train­ing to com­pete. I think that not go­ing would be a huge sac­ri­fice and it’s bet­ter to com­pete. Then if you have suc­cess, you have the chance to speak out. When you are suc­cess­ful and are in the lime­light, you have such a great plat­form to speak from. Rais­ing your views at the Olympics would be heard by mil­lions. Rugby ob­vi­ously keeps you fit, but what do you con­cen­trate on most to keep toned? I train with the CrossFit style. A lot of gyms here now have it, and it’s quite broad and de­signed for strength and con­di­tion­ing. What part of your own body are you most proud of ? I’m proud of all of it, ex­cept for my Achilles ten­don, which is my only weak­ness. I’ve had three re­con­struc­tions now. Touch wood I won’t have any more! It’s bet­ter now, but it cer­tainly was a long in­jury to come back from. In my case my Achilles heel >>

On be­ing pho­tographed naked: “I’m okay with it. The more ex­pe­ri­ence you get, the more com­fort­able you be­come. It would be tough if it was in a very crowded room!

>> re­ally is my Achilles heel! What is your favourite part of the fe­male body? Boobs! Boobs and bums! Can I have two? In fact, I’ll say boobs, bums and a pretty face [laughs]. You and your girl­friend, Emma, make a beau­ti­ful cou­ple. Have you ever con­sid­ered do­ing a shoot to­gether? We haven’t spo­ken about it, but it would be nice to have some pic­tures to­gether. Whether we’ll put them out there I don’t know. I’ll have to talk her into it. Does she ever mind the fact that so many people are look­ing at you? No, she en­cour­aged me to get into modelling and to see how far I can go. She’s great with it all. Your bum gets quite a bit of ex­po­sure, not that we are com­plain­ing! Are you ever self­con­scious about do­ing naked shots? Usu­ally I’m okay with it. The more ex­pe­ri­ence you get, the more com­fort­able you be­come. It would be tough if it was in a very crowded room! There have been a few teaser ‘quar­ter-cock’ shots. Will we ever see a full-frontal? I don’t think so. Once you start do­ing those sorts of shots there’s only one route to go down and I’m not look­ing to get into the porn in­dus­try. So no, I can’t see that hap­pen­ing in the fu­ture. But if I ever got asked to do a char­ity cal­en­dar, I’d def­i­nitely do that. Which re­al­ity show would you most like to ap­pear on? Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars or I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here? I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. It’s a big show in the UK and I like the jun­gle theme and the chal­lenges, but I’d prob­a­bly eat all the food as I’m al­ways hun­gry! Is Ri­hanna still your diva? I like her, but I think Mi­ley Cyrus has taken over now with all her crazy stuff [Laughs]. I’m not re­ally into her, but she’s be­com­ing quite the diva, isn’t she? If you could have three fa­mous people for din­ner, who would you choose? Floyd May­weather. He’s un­beaten and the best boxer of my gen­er­a­tion and also David Beck­ham who is a foot­ball leg­end. I’d have Ricky Ger­vais for some com­edy, but I’d also have my amaz­ing girl­friend Emma Hayes, too. I can’t leave her out! Do you think at some point in the fu­ture you’ll start your own un­der­wear la­bel? Oh, like Todd Sanfield? I’d def­i­nitely be in­ter­ested, but I don’t think I’m fa­mous enough yet. I guess if things go re­ally well for me, I’d do an un­der­wear la­bel. I’ve thought about this. You could call it Rear Wear! I like that. Good idea! I’ll have to get on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here first. You pose with so much un­der­wear, but does Stu­art Rear­don al­ways wear it? Hmm… I go com­mando some­times, but I usu­ally don’t have to as I have loads of free un­der­wear!

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