In this re­vealling in­ter­view we learn what Brent re­ally thinks of him­self and what makes him cry.

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DNA: In the new se­ries, Ul­tra Fan for Fal­con Stu­dios you star and di­rect. Tell us about it. Brent Cor­ri­gan: Ul­tra Fan is about a fic­ti­tious Brent Cor­ri­gan who is held cap­tive dur­ing a live cam show and is re­quired to per­form a se­ries of ac­tions that in­ad­ver­tently open his mind, body and spirit to be­ing the best per­former he can be at a time in his life when he’s stuck. It’s The Pi­ano meets Phone Booth for Brent Cor­ri­gan. Has this se­ries opened your mind? Not in any way [laughs]! I’m very ap­pre­cia­tive of where I have come from; I’m very re­spect­ful of porn. Ev­ery day I’m happy to have the pres­ence that I have in adult me­dia. But, as a film­maker out­side of porn, I was al­ways told to “write what you know”, tell the sto­ries you know. No one else has your per­spec­tive. So, when I made Ul­tra Fan, it came from an era of porn that is no longer part of my life. It came from my first re­turn to porn af­ter a four-year hia­tus. What were you do­ing in those years? I was mak­ing th­ese non-porn films, th­ese LGBTI films that we put ev­ery­thing into and did ev­ery­thing we could to make a good, solid film, but when we were done TLA [in­de­pen­dent cin­ema com­pany for LGBT pro­duc­tions] would bill the film as a “sexy thriller” or a “sexy com­edy” and it all be­came porn at the end of the day. I thought, What am I do­ing here? Pre­tend­ing not to be a porn star, pre­tend­ing not to have had ev­ery­one seen me take a dick on cam­era, pre­tend­ing to be a se­ri­ous ac­tor and prove my value in ev­ery­thing other than porn. Do you en­joy se­ri­ous act­ing? I do, but I don’t like a di­rec­tor stand­ing over me telling me, “You should be…” “You look best…” I

don’t like be­ing told who I am and how to do it. You’re dat­ing fel­low Fal­con star JJ Knight. How did you meet? We met in Bei­jing about three years ago at a mee­tand-greet. I re­mem­bered him be­cause he’s re­ally tall. Then, three years later, we met on set. I was warned by the di­rec­tor that JJ was “BIG”, “he’s got a big one” and all the many ways you can say he’s got a big dick! When you have tell Brent Cor­ri­gan that a guy’s got a big dick I freak out! Cause like, dude, my sec­ond ever porn scene was a dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion. I’m not brag­ging, I’m just say­ing, I can han­dle a big dick! And there was good chem­istry? The sec­ond I planted my lips on his mouth… I haven’t felt that ever, in porn or any­thing. It was elec­tri­fy­ing. It was all the things they say about love at first sight: chem­istry that words can’t ex­plain. It makes you slow down; it makes you re­alise that there re­ally is some­one out there for ev­ery­one, no mat­ter how crazy you are. ’Cause I’m fuck­ing nuts! Is it eas­ier for an adult film star to date an­other adult film star? No. I’ve dated two. One was an ass­hole. Er… do you want that pub­lished? [Laughs] I do. His name was Nick Capra. He had a beau­ti­ful cock but he was a dick. He said the same thing about my hole. You’d think that some­one who does what you do (porn) would un­der­stand you but they have a com­pletely dif­fer­ent set of psy­choses and you still have to find that per­sonal con­nec­tion. You still have to find the things that make you fit to­gether like puzzle pieces. You might think my puzzle pieces wouldn’t fit with some­one out­side porn but that’s not true. Out­side porn I’ve dated many men and had healthy re­la­tion­ships. Con­fes­sion time: I’ve never seen a porn film of ei­ther you or JJ in ac­tion. It wouldn’t make things un­com­fort­able if you had. We put our­selves out there for ev­ery­one but our moth­ers to see. The way I see it – clean up the

The sec­ond I planted my lips on his mouth… I haven’t felt that ever… chem­istry that words can’t ex­plain.

mes­sis what’s later. beau­ti­fulMake the about mess the now fact be­causethat we’re the fully mess com­fort­able with our­selves, and ev­ery bit about our­selves, we’re will­ing to share ev­ery frac­tion of our­selves! And there’s al­ways a towel to clean up the mess! And when there are no cum rags, there are mouths! [Laughs]… What was the ques­tion? What con­nects you and JJ? Apart from his gi­ant pe­nis? I am fuck­ing nuts. I am fuck­ing manic. I am di­ag­nosed manic de­pres­sive. It’s a prod­uct of be­ing my mother’s son but also I’m di­ag­nosed PTSD af­ter the mur­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion and ev­ery­thing. It’s shaped who I am. JJ ac­cepts the crazy, grounds me, keeps me sane without ever once say­ing, “I love you but don’t do this…” That’s why I am in love with him. You’re in Aus­tralia for the Baby­lon party and search for an Ul­tra Fan com­pe­ti­tion grand fi­nal. The win­ner has the op­por­tu­nity to f ly to the USA and star in a Fal­con movie. You’ve seen the con­tes­tants; do you have a favourite? I’d take ev­ery sin­gle one of them home to­gether. There still has to be room for JJ in bed and I don’t know if there’s enough hole to go around… I’m re­ally mak­ing this filthy! I know who I’d cast but, ei­ther way, I’d at least ride all their dicks! You’re a horse lover. Do you still get to sad­dle-up reg­u­larly? Yes. Un­for­tu­nately, in my life right now I have to choose and I don’t think I’ve been on a horse… I’m about to cry… for about a month. Sorry! I don’t mean to make you cry… [With a tear] In life we search for that one thing that grounds us. It’s some­thing that, no mat­ter what you are do­ing or how bad life is, you go there and do it. You clear your mind do­ing it and in­ad­ver­tently you’ve found your med­i­ta­tion point. That’s not just rid­ing, that’s horses for me. Horses bring me back to earth. They live with four feet on the ground and we live with our heads in the clouds.

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