Mu­si­cian Bren­dan Ma­clean gets into some deep shit!

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I knew it would up­set con­ser­va­tives and even peo­ple who think they’re quite lib­eral.

DNA: Where have you been hid­ing for th­ese last few years? Bren­dan Ma­clean: Mostly in the in­ner-west­ern sub­urbs of Syd­ney. I guess I’m a late bloomer when it comes to mu­sic. I’ve al­ways been a cabaret per­former. I helped cre­ate the show Vel­vet with Mar­cia Hines, grabbed a cameo in The Great Gatsby, bits and bobs, but you know what they say, it takes ten years to be­come an overnight suc­cess. What was the in­spi­ra­tion for House Of Air? The es­say, Gay Semi­otics by Hal Fis­cher. It was writ­ten in 1977 and still up­sets peo­ple to­day. I love imag­in­ing peo­ple clutch­ing their pearls while we’re de­liv­er­ing a pearl neck­lace. When did you de­cide to make a video that put the porn back into pop? My di­rec­tors slipped it in… so to speak! I thought we were just go­ing to do in­nu­endo but sud­denly I no­ticed Ash­ley Ry­der, a world­fa­mous fist pig, was on the cast­ing list and I was like, “Oh boy!” But now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why fake it when real is so much more sat­is­fy­ing? Who came up with the con­cept? I took Gay Semi­otics to the stu­dio, but full credit to my di­rec­tors Brian Fair­bairn and Karl Ec­cle­ston for re­ally go­ing el­bow deep for the con­cept. We’d worked to­gether be­fore on my clips for Stupid and Win­ner. They’re an Aus­tralian se­cret trea­sure. You de­scribe the video as “an anthropological study of gay semi­otics, tax­onomies and sex­ual be­hav­iours”. Ex­plain. You know, usu­ally I get the ques­tion, “Is it porn or art?” and the an­swer is both. You know what, I love porn! It’s al­ways been a wet dream of mine to make one. There’s not much the video misses out. Were you wor­ried YouTube would ban it? Af­ter 700,000 views it was banned! Luck­ily it lives on at www.HouseOfAir.info for all to lay their de­gen­er­ate eyes on. We haven’t seen golden show­ers or fist­ing in a pop video. Madonna must be wor­ried about the com­pe­ti­tion! It’s funny… noth­ing we’ve shown is new. Even the

es­say is 40 years old. We sim­ply de­cided pop and porn were a per­fect match. I mean, what’s an orgy without a good sound­track? In to­day’s tur­bu­lent po­lit­i­cal times what state­ment are you try­ing to make? For me, House Of Air is po­lit­i­cal, par­tic­u­larly the fi­nal scene [the “poop scene”]. I knew it would up­set con­ser­va­tives and even peo­ple who think they’re quite lib­eral. It was my way of punch­ing a Nazi. It was my way of say­ing, fuck you Pauline Han­son [Aus­tralian rightwing politi­cian], fuck you Malcolm Turn­bull [Aus­tralia’s con­ser­va­tive PM], and fuck you Trump. I will not be told how to act! Well, Trump might en­joy the golden show­ers. What’s your fave sex in­dul­gence? I’m cock feigned. Like, holy shit, I could spend all day suck­ing a good cock. Nat­u­rally, I’m a mas­sive cum dump­ster as well. Also, spoon­ing. Are we likely to see more of this in fu­ture videos or was House Of Air a one-off? You know, I’ve made 15 mu­sic videos now and none of them are the same but they all learn from each other and ad­vance. Per­haps noth­ing quite like this, but now I feel this sense of free­dom. You can cer­tainly ex­pect me to keep push­ing my­self and push­ing ev­ery video. Even if it’s de­cid­edly PG next time, I know I have to make a point. I have to make a state­ment, or why make more? Who were the mod­els in the video? Harry Clay­ton-Wright is a boyfriend of mine who I fell in love with at the fringe fes­ti­val cir­cuit in Ed­in­burgh. He’s my lead­ing man and was up for any­thing. Ash­ley Ry­der and Row­land are both in­ter­na­tional porn stars who we cast just like you would any ac­tor. That beau­ti­ful top, Drew Kingston, well, just find a dark room and a com­puter and en­joy the ride. Ash­ley cer­tainly did. Was there any­thing they wouldn’t do on­screen? We chat­ted about if what we were do­ing was just for shock value, but when I ex­plained the re­search that went into it the set re­ally just be­came a joy­ful party. We ex­plored their skills and re­ally cre­ated a nar­ra­tive with the hanky codes. Once they knew we weren’t do­ing some cheap PR stunt they were up for any­thing. Are you in the video? I am in­deed! Which one are you? I got to ex­pe­ri­ence my first round of sub­mis­sion and co­prophilia [an in­ter­est in poop]… in­ter­est­ing. Not sure if I’ll tr y the sec­ond part again but who knows! Is there an al­bum or more mu­sic to come? This is the open­ing track off fun­bang1. Yes, that is re­ally the name and you can grab it just about ev­ery­where. It’s a pop, dance ex­plo­sion I didn’t even know I had hid­ing in me. Who was your mu­si­cal hero when you were grow­ing up? Ge­orge Michael first and fore­most, bless his soul. My lo­cal he­roes were and still are Paul Mac and Daniel Johns who I’ve since had the de­light of be­com­ing dear friends with. Paul Mac also pro­duced a few tunes on fun­bang1. What do you do when you’re not mak­ing mu­sic? Wank and get stoned mostly. I am also vi­o­lently ad­dicted to Twit­ter. Send nudes to @ maclean­bren­dan Are you pop’s next big su­per­star or the porn un­der­ground’s dirty lit­tle se­cret? I don’t know what I’ll be next. I’ve just been cast in a new ABC se­ries called F*ck­ing Ade­laide, which kind of picks up where Please Like Me left off. I just fol­low the work and let it guide me. Are you ro­man­ti­cally at­tached? I have a few peo­ple I call boyfriends. I’m not in a long-term re­la­tion­ship. It doesn’t re­ally work with the tour­ing thing. I cer­tainly have a few guys I’m deeply in love with. As Ge­orge sings in Free­dom, “I don’t be­long to you and you don’t be­long to me.” What is­sues are clos­est to your heart? Right now I re­ally want the queer com­mu­nity to think about who we are let­ting down. It’s a pretty scary world right now and if your fes­ti­val, event, or mag­a­zine doesn’t have trans or les­bian rep­re­sen­ta­tion at all, it’s prob­a­bly time to ask why. How can we best go for­ward in the next few years with the world, seem­ingly, turn­ing anti-gay at the mo­ment? The world is lean­ing right, yes, we all feel that. Whether you’re re­act­ing with art, a protest, or go­ing into pol­i­tics, I would just say don’t get hung up try­ing to please ev­ery­one. A lot of gay men loathe House Of Air. They think I’ve some­how spo­ken for the en­tire com­mu­nity. News­flash: the peo­ple who hate gays purely for my video – which ab­so­lutely isn’t just queer, it’s kink, it’s fetish – al­ready hated us. If you think I made it worse with a three-minute video you re­ally need to con­sider how weak the fab­ric of your sex­ual iden­tity is. Must-ask DNA ques­tion – speedos, board shorts or nude at the beach? When we shot the video in London the fel­las took me to my first nude beach. I’m never look­ing back. Brighton Beach was great, ex­cept for the peb­bles up your butt! What turns you on most in life? A con­fi­dent, com­pas­sion­ate, stocky fella who wants to blow his load in my face daily. What turns you off? Waking up to up-close sphinc­ter Snapchats in t he morn­ing. Your best/worst fea­ture? Best? My fab­u­lous per­son­al­ity. Worst? My fab­u­lous per­son­al­ity! Are you a gym whore, club kid, punk nerd or an app geek? More just an ac­tual whore, to be hon­est.

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