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DNA: Talk us through the band’s “psy­cho” name choice.

Dane: Be­fore we started mak­ing mu­sic we were bored and watch­ing a lot of Bates Mo­tel on Net­flix. We are both diehard hor­ror fans and since Janet Leigh is one of the orig­i­nal scream queens de­cided on The Mar­ion Cranes. [Janet Leigh plays Mar­ion Crane in Al­fred Hitch­cock’s orig­i­nal 1960 fea­ture, Psy­cho]. It also rolled off the tongue so nicely.

Do you have day jobs as well as be­ing bud­ding in­ter­na­tional pop stars?

Dane: I work in com­mu­nity ser­vices and Glen works for a film pro­duc­tion com­pany.

How would you describe your mu­sic style? Glen: We make al­ter­na­tive/pop songs. Our genre is hard to de­fine as each track is quite dif­fer­ent. Your Dog Is Dead was writ­ten as a punk track, whereas Tiny Lit­tle Kisses is more pop/folk and Sexy Mo­ti­va­tion is a techno/ dance an­them. There’s some­thing for ev­ery­one. We try to voice themes and ideas gays have long been forced to sup­press. By trans­lat­ing this into main­stream mu­sic we hope this will make our LGBT, and non-LGBT, peers feel more com­fort­able voic­ing their own with­out judge­ment, with ab­so­lute com­pas­sion and, most of all, a sense of hu­mour.

Dane: I’d call us homo-pop/comedic erot­ica. We tend to write about things in our ev­ery­day lives. Nei­ther of us are se­rial daters and both quite emo­tion­ally sound, so it’s hard for us to go full Tay­lor Swift [laughs]. Some of our lyrics might be un­com­fort­able to lis­ten to but they’re from the heart.

Where do you fit into the mu­si­cal scheme of things on the charts?

Dane: I’d be happy with a num­ber 7 hit, fol­lowed by a char­ity sin­gle and a Christ­mas al­bum.

Glen: We’ve only just re­leased the EP and be­cause of the sub­ject mat­ter un­sure how it’ll be re­ceived by main­stream.

Dane: Get­ting to Euro­vi­sion would be great, but that’s very long term.

Who were your heroes when you were grow­ing up?

Glen: Mariah, but not the Mariah we know to­day, the old-school-rolling-around-in-the­grass-with-a-check-shirt Mariah. Fan­tasy is one of the best pop songs ever. It’s the track I go to when I want to get a party started. I used to imag­ine we could be boyfriend and girl­friend. Dane: When I was young I was ob­sessed with Christina Ricci, es­pe­cially with those braids in The Ad­dams Fam­ily.

You’ve done an EP. When can we ex­pect a full al­bum?

Glen: We turn around tracks re­ally quickly so I don’t sus­pect it will take long for us to nail an al­bum. We’ve only just re­leased the EP so we’ll be spend­ing a bit of time trans­lat­ing that for stage and cre­at­ing sexy stage an­tics and sur­prises to show our fans a re­ally good time. Dane: I’d say six to nine months for a full

al­bum, if we knuckle down.

Is world dom­i­na­tion part of your game plan? Glen: I prefer to be dom­i­nated!

Dane: World dom­i­na­tion, doll dom­i­na­tion – we’re not fussy. We just want peo­ple to lis­ten and en­joy and have a gig­gle.

Who’s your bro­mance?

Glen: Dane’s my bro­mance, my brotein shake and em­broji!

Dane: Glen’s my bro­mance, my bro­tum and my brostate!

The Lost Lan­guage Of Cranes is a clas­sic gay book and movie. Do you know it?

Glen: No, I just googled it and or­dered a copy on­line.

Dane: Me too, I’ll read it once Glen’s fin­ished. Sorry if we’ve let any­one down here.

What do you get up to when you’re not mak­ing mu­sic?

Dane: Or­der a lot of take-away food and watch movies, drink with friends, go to work and the oc­ca­sional Grindr date if it doesn’t fall through last minute.

Glen: Lis­ten to a lot of mu­sic. I go about the most part of my day wear­ing head­phones.

If you were in charge of the world what changes would you make?

Dane: Ob­vi­ously gay mar­riage and equal­ity for all and I’d wel­come all refugees. I’d also make it a crim­i­nal of­fence to re­make a movie more than once ev­ery 20 years and crim­i­nalise trop­i­cal house cover songs – min­i­mum penalty, life in prison. Glen: I’d en­cour­age ev­ery­one to gig­gle more.

What ad­vice do you have for Madonna re­gards her ca­reer?

Dane: Go back in time, put some more thought into your last three al­bums. I don’t think the rea­son she gets back­lash is be­cause of her age, it’s be­cause the songs she’s mak­ing just aren’t very good any­more. Glen: Call us!

Do you have a work­out regime?

Glen: We are both nat­u­rally sexy, but some­times I do push-ups, three sets of 35, which is why my chest is un­pro­por­tion­ate to the rest of my body. I also like to run.

Dane: I go to the gym about once ev­ery two weeks, if you can call that a regime. We’re ev­ery­day peo­ple. I’m not buff and I don’t want any­one else to think they have to be.

What’s one thing that might sur­prise peo­ple about you?

Dane: I have a metal spine. It doesn’t set off metal de­tec­tors at the air­port though.

Glen: Ninety-six per­cent of my wardrobe comes from thrift shops – I look good!

Dane’s my bro­mance, my brotein shake and em­broji! – Glen



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