This month, how to take a bet­ter dick pic.


ENOUGH WITH the un­sexy nudes, guys. No one wants to see you and your dog in bed shar­ing a bag of Dori­tos.

When you’re try­ing to ar­range a hook-up on­line, first im­pres­sions count. The qual­ity of your naked pics can make or break your chances of get­ting laid. Thank­fully, you don’t need to be a DNA cover model to put your best dick for­ward. Here are some of our best tips on tak­ing bet­ter nudes.

Find Your Best An­gles. Ev­ery­one Has ’Em.

Okay. I’m not say­ing you’ll look like Chris Hemsworth if you turn your chin a couple of de­grees to the right. What I am say­ing is: in photos, you’re bound to look bet­ter in cer­tain poses.

This is go­ing to sound like some A-grade diva bull shit, but I know my butt looks bet­ter if I lie down and take a pic of it from over my shoul­der. My dick looks big­ger if I shoot it from the side. Take the time to fig­ure out which an­gles work for you, and you’ll al­ways be able to put your best face, dick and arse for­ward any time you trade pics.

Speak­ing Of Mak­ing Your Dick Look Big­ger…

Some­times nudes don’t do a pe­nis jus­tice. Take a pic from the wrong an­gle and sud­denly you lose a couple of inches.

Avoid tak­ing photos of your peen from above. In­stead, lie on your back and shoot it from an an­gle. The closer your dick is to your belly but­ton, the big­ger it will ap­pear in the photo.

Trim­ming your pubes and pulling your balls away from your erec­tion can also make your cock look big­ger.

If you’re pack­ing se­ri­ous heat and you want to show off how big your dong is, go ahead and take a pic of it along­side an inan­i­mate ob­ject for com­par­i­son. Just try and find an ob­ject that’s rel­a­tively sexy. A ruler? Sure. A toi­let pa­per roll? Nah.

Think Twice About Send­ing Hole Pics

Look, but­t­holes are won­der­ful. They de­serve to be eaten, fucked and wor­shipped all day long, but it’s rare that you come across a taste­ful hole pic. And re­ceiv­ing an un­so­licited hole pic is a poor sub­sti­tute for the ex­pe­ri­ence of hav­ing a lovely but­t­hole park it­self on your face.

Rather than send pics of your but­t­hole to your next po­ten­tial suitor, keep them to yourself. You can daz­zle your next hook-up with your award-win­ning ass­hole when you bang in per­son.

My butt looks bet­ter if I lie down and take a pic of it from over my shoul­der. My dick looks big­ger if I shoot it from the side. Fig­ure out which an­gles work for you.

Get Rid Of Those Doilies On The Cof­fee Ta­ble

Ever heard of the web­site LuridDigs. com? Check it out. It’s a hi­lar­i­ous, cunty blog that cri­tiques the in­te­rior de­sign fea­tured in the back­ground of gay nudes. If you thought that pais­ley bed­spreads, flo­ral fea­ture walls, and emer­ald pleather couches were a thing of the past, think again.

The moral of the story here is: don’t share nudes that are at risk of get­ting fea­tured on LuridDigs.com. Whether you like it or not, guys are also go­ing to judge you based on what’s in the back­ground of your nudes. Clean up that huge pile of laun­dry and close the fuck­ing toi­let lid be­fore you take a bath­room selfie.

Keep ’Em Fresh

This should go with­out say­ing, but your nudes need to be up­dated on the reg­u­lar. If there’s been a change in your ap­pear­ance or your cur­rent pics are 10 years old, it’s time to take a new batch.

This isn’t the sex­i­est tip, but it’s prac­ti­cal. Share nudes that re­flect who you are, and you’ll at­tract guys who want to eat what you’re serv­ing up. Plus, you’ll avoid hav­ing the door closed in your face next time you rock up to your next hook-up.


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