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Make mar­bleized pa­per at a Fam­ily Wrap Party

Whether we’re chil­dren or adults, we all like to feel use­ful and part of the fun or wrap­ping a present. So en­list the kids in this fun and cre­ative job. But be­fore you go out and pur­chase rolls of wrap, save money by mak­ing a beau­ti­ful batch for this year’s gifts, and keep the wrap in a handy spot in the cup­board so you can grab a sheet as you need it in the com­ing months. Gather big pa­per bags from your re­cy­cling bin, plus mar­bles and bright poster paint, and you’ll be ready for fam­ily fun. Here’s the stuff you’ll need:

One large, sturdy card­board gift box ap­prox­i­mately 30 by 45cm, or sim­i­lar con­tainer with sides

sev­eral mar­bles (one for each paint colour) liq­uid poster paint in sev­eral colours spoons (one for each colour) plain brown pa­per gro­cery bags, con­struc­tion pa­per or butcher pa­per re­cy­cled deli or mar­garine tubs scis­sors news­pa­per Here’s the fun: Cover your work sur­face with news­pa­per. Cut open the pa­per bags and trim a sheet to fit the bot­tom of the box. (Or, if us­ing con­struc­tion pa­per or butcher pa­per, cut to size.) Place the pa­per in­side. Pour a small amount of each

colour of paint into the con­tain­ers.

Drop a mar­ble in one of the paint con­tain­ers. Shake the con­tainer gen­tly un­til the mar­ble is thor­oughly coated with paint, or use a spoon to move the mar­ble around in the paint. With a spoon, drop the mar­ble in the box and shift the box back and forth so the mar­ble rolls in all di­rec­tions, leav­ing paint on the pa­per. Re­peat the process, us­ing a dif­fer­ent mar­ble for each colour of paint de­sired.

When the colour­ful, ab­stract de­sign is com­plete, re­move your pa­per of mod­ern art and let it dry. Tip: For smaller pack­ages, “shake and cre­ate” gift wrap us­ing a clean, large cylin­dri­cal potato-chip can with a lid. Loosely roll a sheet of pa­per in­side the can so that it lines the in­te­rior. Us­ing one colour at a time, roll a mar­ble or two in paint (as de­scribed above) and drop in the can. Snap on the lid, shake a few times, re­move the lid and put the mar­ble or mar­bles onto news­pa­per. Re­peat with a mar­ble or two in an­other colour. Re­move the pa­per to re­veal your art.

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