Talk­ing to Michel An­cel, and ea­ger an­tic­i­pa­tion of Leg­ends in 1080p, prompted a fresh visit to the Glade Of Dreams. We soon found our­selves ut­terly ab­sorbed by the rhythm, An­cel’s team warp­ing plat­form clichés into some­thing with cap­ti­vat­ing mo­men­tum. Play­ing it back to back with Yoshi’s New Is­land was a cruel mir­ror, but only served to prove how cru­cial in­tel­li­gent and sub­ver­sive level de­sign is in this genre.

Puzzle & Drag­ons iOS

The virus is spread­ing. Con­ver­sa­tion in­evitably turns to GungHo’s puzzle-RPG, with phones whipped out, teams shown off and strate­gies shared. Be­tween hunt­ing for spe­cific drops in the daily dun­geons, farm­ing coins at the weekend to fund the com­ing week’s lev­el­ling, and re­vis­it­ing early dun­geons for mon­sters to feed to your team’s su­per­stars, there’s al­ways some­thing to do. Still play­ing? Oh, yes. And we’re be­gin­ning to won­der if we’ll ever stop.

Dark Souls PC

The wait for the fi­nal build of Dark Souls II gave just enough time for an­other run through the orig­i­nal. It’s re­mark­able how some­thing that was once so in­tim­i­dat­ing has be­come so fa­mil­iar, and we’d reached the sum­mit of Sen’s Fortress within five hours. We may not visit Lor­dran again for some time, though, and given fast travel’s im­pact on Dran­gleic’s world de­sign, we can’t help but won­der if we’ll see its like again.

Ray­man Ori­gins 360

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