Cre­ate Your Own Flappy Game


Dong Nguyen’s vi­ral hit may have been the app that spawned a mil­lion clones, but why play other people’s knock­offs when you could piece to­gether the game yourself in a lit­tle un­der ten min­utes? Flap­pyBird’s sim­ple yet bru­tal tem­plate is an ideal lens through which to teach core game logic, as com­puter sci­ence ad­vo­cacy group proves in this ten-step work­shop. Each asks you to as­sem­ble blocks of ac­tions and con­di­tions into chains to com­plete a ba­sic task, walk­ing you through repli­cat­ing the tit­u­lar bird’s grace­less flaps as well as fail states and scor­ing. What could be dryly aca­demic is en­livened by room to tinker – you’re in­creas­ingly free to bend rules. The end re­sult is de­riv­a­tive, sure, but ev­ery fledg­ing artist starts out by care­fully ob­serv­ing their peers.

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