Chaotic good


Ju­lian Gollop re­turned to Chaos af­ter tak­ing pa­ter­nity leave from Ubisoft Sofia and ex­per­i­ment­ing with Unity while car­ing for his new­born twins. Those ex­per­i­ments led to him quit­ting Ubisoft and start­ing work on Chaos

Re­born in Novem­ber 2012. “It felt like the nat­u­ral project to try, re­ally: my first game back as an in­die be­ing one of the first projects I cre­ated on my ZX Spec­trum. At the mo­ment only I’m work­ing on it full time, but I’ve got a cou­ple of artists and an­other pro­gram­mer. We have an artist in Hun­gary, who did some of the orig­i­nal con­cepts, and an artist in Ro­ma­nia, who has done quite a bit of the modelling for the crea­tures. But the team size is small, and it will prob­a­bly re­main fairly small.”

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