At Ubisoft, many projects are pro­to­typed and then aban­doned, with the lessons shared via ed­i­to­rial. But Splin­ter Cell: Con­vic­tion, Ghost Re­con: Fu­ture Sol­dier,

and Rain­bow6: Pa­tri­ots were all an­nounced and then to­tally re­worked. How does a

Pa­tri­ots slip past ed­i­to­rial?

“That’s life,” Fran­cois shrugs. “We looked at it and we were like, ‘Shit. Good fan­tasy, but the game we’re build­ing is crap. We need to re­work that.’ I still think the pitch for Pa­tri­ots was ex­cit­ing; we all thought it was. We de­cided to un­veil it, but we were strug­gling to make that game. It just wasn’t fun to play when we were pro­to­typ­ing it. It’s not just our call; it’s the teams and us. [But] it’s not the team’s fail­ure. Ed­i­to­rial failed to sup­port them and take them in the right di­rec­tion. We need to em­brace it to learn from it.”

“[We an­nounced] be­cause we’re op­ti­mistic and we love to take risks, maybe?” says Has­coet, who seems more philo­soph­i­cal about the re­designs. “We’ll all die one day, that’s for sure. Be­cause we are still alive, we can still try to make things bet­ter. We al­ways hope for the best.”

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