The Euro­pean con­sole ver­sions of the game have been pruned, al­though this was a de­ci­sion taken by the pub­lisher, rather than a re­moval at the cen­sor’s be­hest. Play­ers will miss out on sev­eral short non­in­ter­ac­tive scenes, such as poor Randy Marsh be­ing vi­o­lently anally as­saulted, along with a playable se­quence in the game’s later stages that the squea­mish may be pleased at hav­ing been spared from. Parker and Stone have fun with the ed­its, though – each miss­ing scene is re­placed by an im­age of Michelan­gelo’s David hold­ing his face in his hands against an EU flag, with a witty de­scrip­tion of the ex­cised con­tent be­neath. The cuts are strangely in­con­sis­tent, how­ever, par­tic­u­larly in light of the star­tling set-pieces that re­main in the fin­ished game.

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