The stu­dio won’t talk many specifics un­til the PR cal­en­dar is right, but with a boost jump, cloak, grap­ple and smart sights added to the list of pos­si­ble perks and at­tach­ments,

Ad­vanced War­fare’s mul­ti­player is sure to be a dif­fer­ent kind of game. While those EXO tricks will be used in scripted mo­ments in the cam­paign, they’ve been built as sys­tems in them­selves and will work any­where.

“There are cer­tainly sys­tem­atic EXO me­chan­ics,” Con­drey says. “That’s the foun­da­tion of mul­ti­player, right? [It’s] all about player sys­tems. I can’t con­firm any­thing that’s in mul­ti­player, but ev­ery­thing you’ve seen… you can imag­ine ap­ply­ing those op­por­tu­ni­ties to mul­ti­player. Now you’re talk­ing about lo­calised EMPs, you’re knock­ing out some­one’s ex­oskele­ton, tak­ing some­body’s op­tics off­line, or dis­abling their weapon. It means very dif­fer­ent sorts of [fights], and it’s a lot of fun.

“There’s a brand­new par­a­bolic mi­cro­phone at­tach­ment that al­lows you to iden­tify threats even if they have sup­pres­sors, and it’s only in be­cause there’s this new tech that’s in the bat­tle­field to­day… It’s kind of a pretty mi­cro-de­tail, but layer that by about a hun­dred of these op­por­tu­ni­ties and you get dif­fer­ent en­gage­ments.”

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