Boom ’n’ bust


The abil­ity to use bombs to en­ter the code for ob­jects – rep­re­sented here as a phys­i­cal space – had an un­usual side ef­fect. “One thing I didn’t re­alise un­til our pro­gram­mer im­ple­mented it is that you can bomb the bomb,” Dil­lon says. “And when you’re in­side the code rooms for the bomb, you can bomb the ma­chines in­side the code rooms to go in­side the code for the code rooms. That’s a re­ally in­ter­est­ing lat­eral thing to think about, [but it was] some­thing I didn’t an­tic­i­pate. It just came out of the me­chan­ics. Dun­can [Boehle, pro­gram­mer] said, ‘Do you want me to dis­able that?’ And I said, ‘No! We’ve got to fig­ure out how to turn that into a me­chanic!’”

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