Free for all?


Baba heads up Bandai Namco’s cur­rent drive in ex­per­i­ment­ing with mon­eti­sa­tion mod­els, which has spurred the cre­ation of free-toplay en­tries in both the Ace Com­bat and Soul Cal­ibur se­ries along­side Rise Of In­car­nates. But he is adamant that the busi­ness model will not in­ter­fere with the need for a level com­pet­i­tive play­ing field. “We were clear right from the start that this wouldn’t be a pay-to-win game. It’s some­thing we learned to stay well away from with Tekken Revo­lu­tion. In­stead, all of the mon­eti­sa­tion [will be] fo­cused on per­son­al­i­sa­tion.” Play­ers will be able to pur­chase new cos­tumes for their cho­sen brawler, but the me­chan­ics and player pro­gres­sion will re­main un­sul­lied by fi­nan­cial con­cerns. Whether such a seem­ingly light touch can make Rise Of In­car­nates sus­tain­able is an­other mat­ter.

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