Space hulks


Some at­tach­ments give you par­tic­u­lar abil­i­ties, rather than sim­ply in­creas­ing your sta­tion’s pop­u­la­tion or power out­put. The grap­pling hook, for ex­am­ple, can be used to reel in ob­jects so they’re close at hand for your en­gi­neers, but you could also af­fix it to an er­satz ve­hi­cle and tow your sta­tion that way. 4gency has also pro­vided in­spi­ra­tion in the form of small, pre-built ex­am­ples of habi­tats, which can be found float­ing in or­bit with you. Some might be farms, while oth­ers are bun­dles of mil­i­tary­grade weaponry. You can ex­pand on these as you wish, be­cause there’s no limit to the num­ber of habi­tats you’re able to build.

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