Track­ing the six-year devel­op­ment jour­ney to Spin­tires’ re­lease Start­ing from hum­ble be­gin­nings as a one-man project, Spin­tires didn’t bal­loon too much over its six years of devel­op­ment. When the game was fi­nally fin­ished, the team was still only a core group of five de­vel­op­ers, with an­other ten ex­ter­nal peo­ple help­ing out. This, along with over £60,000 of Kick­starter fund­ing to get over the fi­nal hump, kept devel­op­ment costs down and al­lowed the project to sur­vive its long in­cu­ba­tion phase. “We only asked for £40,000 [on Kick­starter] and we far ex­ceeded that,” says Reece. “It was nice to see that peo­ple were will­ing to put money in and sort of push the idea for­wards.”

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