Pub­lisher/ de­vel­oper Epic Games For­mat PC Ori­gin US Re­lease 2015

“Yes, it still ex­ists,” says a rather de­fen­sive Epic PR up­date on Fort­nite, the game it an­nounced in De­cem­ber 2011 and promptly shut up about. Playable at last, Fort­nite is part Minecraft, part Horde Mode, a co-op game in which you scour the world for build­ing sup­plies and then de­fend the re­sult­ing con­struc­tion from an en­emy on­slaught. It’s PC-only for now, but Epic’s praise for the at­ti­tude of Sony and Mi­crosoft to­wards free-to-play sug­gests that will change soon.

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