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Nau­ti­cal Protest is a top-down boat­ing game in which you must de­liver your cargo to port in the best con­di­tion pos­si­ble. En­coun­ters with other ships, tor­na­dos and ice­bergs will dam­age your stock and re­duce the amount you’ll be paid when you reach land. Take too much dam­age and your ship will sink.

“A cre­ative in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the theme – maybe too cre­ative,” Pope says. “But solid game­play and me­chan­ics, fun to play and the boat physics feel just right. Great pre­sen­ta­tion, too – feels very much like a good ’90s game!”

That retro feel ex­tends to the game’s dif­fi­culty, though. “In this day and age, the frus­tra­tion fac­tor is un­for­giv­ing; you only get a few min­utes to im­press your au­di­ence,” Jack­son says. “It needs easy tu­to­rial lev­els at the start and for the haz­ards and bonuses to be in­tro­duced grad­u­ally.”

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