Dur­ing a look at the tools used to build plan­ets, Mur­ray and Ream take us to So­leth Prime and show us a dis­tant view of Oria V. From the sur­face, we can see real moun­tains and canyons at a low level of de­tail. “This isn’t a tex­ture, it’s gen­er­ated vox­els, and as you fly to­wards it, they get in­creas­ingly more de­tailed.” There are several lev­els of de­tail, from those that pro­duce ter­rain able to be seen from a kilo­me­tre away to the very finest level, which han­dles minu­tiae such as rocks and grass. You’ll never be able to out­run the pro­ce­dural gen­er­a­tion in-game, but Mur­ray uses the de­bug cam­era to move 2,000 times faster than nor­mal. Even at this rate, there is no load­ing, merely a lower LOD, while the scenery takes a few sec­onds to catch up when we stop.

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