As re­veals go, Kon­ami’s Silent Hills an­nounce­ment was among the most mem­o­rable. Brief footage of a new hor­ror ti­tle named PT from un­known stu­dio 7780s ap­peared among footage of Sony’s ex­clu­sives, fol­lowed by the news that the in­ter­ac­tive teaser was avail­able to down­load from PSN. Hours later, Twitch broad­caster SoapyWarpig found the se­cret end­ing: the loop­ing demo was, in fact, our first taste of a new Silent Hill game from Hideo Ko­jima and film direc­tor Guillermo Del Toro. The stunt was a ballsy one, but also a re­minder of just how much am­mu­ni­tion Sony has when it can af­ford to hide such a huge an­nounce­ment away in a piece of stealth mar­ket­ing.

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