Korra’s sec­ond game is a 3DS strat­egy ti­tle made in the US


Plat­inum is not the only de­vel­oper work­ing on a Leg­end Of Korra ti­tle for Ac­tivi­sion. 3DS will get a very dif­fer­ent game cour­tesy of Web­foot Tech­nolo­gies, an Illi­nois com­pany more used to cre­at­ing li­censed fare. Web­foot’s ver­sion of Korra, subti­tled A New Era Be­gins, is a strat­egy RPG that im­ple­ments Korra’s el­e­men­tal Avatar pow­ers as she and her com­pan­ions tra­verse the ter­rain in a rather more thought­ful man­ner. De­tails are still slight, but the 3DS game is set in the same pe­riod as the con­sole ver­sion, and could make an in­trigu­ing com­pan­ion to what is be­ing con­sid­ered the ‘main’ game by Plat­inum.

Korra has an ar­ray of abil­i­ties re­lated to ‘bend­ing’ the el­e­ments, giv­ing her pow­er­ful at­tacks. As such, the game fea­tures ranged as well as close com­bat. But she’ll be stripped of her pow­ers at first, and have to re­gain them

A sec­tion in which Korra rides her po­lar bear dog (cen­tre left) looks to of­fer va­ri­ety, as will a pro bend­ing mode (left). Com­bat (above), mean­while, puts em­pha­sis on charged at­tacks, but you’ll have to watch out for chi block­ers and tri­ads of fel­low ben­ders (cen­tre right)

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