I would pay a lot of money to be in the room when the Twitch CEO is asked to ex­plain donger and Hitler re­lated chat­logs to the Google board.

Mike Boxleiter @fu­crate

De­signer, Miken­gregGames

Vol­ume, a game set in 2054, is based in a de­volved Eng­land, so, if you’re Scot­tish, please con­sider the im­pact on my back­story when you vote.

Mike Bithell @mikeBithell Cre­ator, Thomas Was Alone Dear Ubisoft, dial back the num­ber of ACs FFS. What’s next, As­sas­sin’sCreed Taco-stand? Ac­tu­ally I’d play that.

David Gold­farb @lo­cust9

Gamedi­rec­tor, Pay­day 2 I love play­ing Mar­i­oKart8 so much, I’m go­ing to just pre­tend I didn’t see that Mercedes DLC an­nounce­ment. LALALALALA!

Tim Schafer @TimOfLe­gend

Founder, Dou­bleFine

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