Even The Stars bit.ly/even­stars Orig­i­nally con­ceived as an en­try for the Space Cow­boy game jam, EvenTheS­tars has evolved into some­thing more com­plete. Avail­able to play as a down­load or in browser, cre­ator Pol Claris­sou’s space ad­ven­ture al­lows you to ex­plore a uni­verse by en­ter­ing six-digit co­or­di­nates into your ship’s nav com­puter. There might be noth­ing to see when you ar­rive, or you might stum­ble across a planet hous­ing the arte­facts of an an­cient civil­i­sa­tion. If you find a planet, you can go into or­bit to ex­plore its sur­face and touch down next to any­thing of in­ter­est, and you can re­mark on dis­cov­er­ies in your log, which grad­u­ally builds up a story of your ad­ven­ture. There’s a catch, though: with each warp jump, you lose a unit of fuel and grow a lit­tle older. When you run out of fuel, your jour­ney comes to a close.

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