Dam busters


The level we see, called The Dam, fea­tures the tit­u­lar struc­ture at one end and a se­ries of wind­ing cliff paths and tun­nels on each side of a cen­tral river. The caves are teem­ing with life, in­clud­ing some huge crea­tures that func­tion al­most as mini-bosses if hun­ters choose to en­gage them. Do so, and you’ll be of­fer­ing the player con­trol­ling the mon­ster a free meal, how­ever. And that’s a bad plan, since the mon­ster is aim­ing to ad­vance through three stages by feed­ing – with each new form up­grad­ing its at­tacks, but the process of grow­ing leav­ing it vul­ner­a­ble for a short pe­riod – be­fore at­tack­ing a gen­er­a­tor at the top of the dam. The gen­er­a­tor can only be dam­aged by melee hits and the crea­ture can only land those when not un­der fire, mak­ing the fi­nale a tense scram­ble for sur­vival no mat­ter which side you’re on.

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