Badge of hon­our


While com­plet­ing stages un­locks new fighters and weapon types, such as Link’s Fire Rod or new­comer Lana’s Deku staff, the Bazaar still of­fers plenty to spend your ru­pee haul on. In the Smithy, you can trans­fer pow­ers to empty weapon slots, while the Train­ing Dojo al­lows you to level up char­ac­ters for cash, main­tain­ing par­ity among your quickly swelling party. But it’s the badges that soon grew to at­tract our at­ten­tion on pay­day, forged from ma­te­ri­als reaped in bat­tle and of­fer­ing many lit­tle buffs across three trees. The Kokiri Sword, for in­stance, is an At­tack badge that ex­tends your B combo, or adds a new Y jump­ing-off point, while an empty-bot­tle De­fence badge will give the hero a one-use po­tion to chug each bat­tle. As­sist badges are less ob­vi­ous – Farore’s Wind, say, speed­ing up cap­tur­ing forts.

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