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Bur­roughs and Kenny talk warmly about the likes of Gone Home and Ken­tucky Route Zero, but one game in par­tic­u­lar had a strong im­pact on the di­rec­tion of Vir­ginia: Bren­don Chung’s 30 Flights Of Lov­ing. “We played it for the first time this year,” Bur­roughs en­thuses, “and we had a [rev­e­la­tory] mo­ment where we re­alised there was this whole new thread of sto­ry­telling. It told the story so ef­fec­tively, and so leanly. I came away from it think­ing I’d played some­thing more emo­tion­ally rich than most games I’d played in umpteen years.” As a re­sult, Vir­ginia will es­chew player dis­trac­tions al­most en­tirely in or­der to keep the nar­ra­tive pac­ing as snappy as pos­si­ble.

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