Dur­ing the QA process the test­ing team will com­pile a list of bugs, from game-break­ing is­sues to quirks in de­sign that per­son­ally irk the tester. Th­ese sub­jec­tive com­plaints can, ac­cord­ing to VMC’s Wib­ber­ley, cre­ate con­flict between the tester and the de­signer. “Gen­er­ally, for any game com­pany, there’s a set process in terms of who de­cides whether a ‘bug’ will be fixed or not, but usu­ally it’s a joint de­ci­sion based on re­spon­si­bil­ity,” he says. “If a bug gen­uinely breaks a game to [a point] where the player can­not progress any fur­ther or is kicked from the game for any rea­son, then the sever­ity rat­ing will de­ter­mine that the bug needs to be ad­dressed and fixed. For other is­sues, it comes down to sever­ity, the like­li­hood of whether or not the player will find the is­sue, and whether it sim­ply func­tions as de­signed.”

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